About Joanita!

Joanita Afoyorwoth


Joanita is a gentle and ambitious Ugandan girl who is passionate about Children’s nutrition and agriculture. She believes that malnutrition, which is a consequence of alimentation ignorance, has led many Ugandan children to get sick and die. Hence, she wants to take the first step in educating rural parents on adequately feeding their children. 

Joanita first wanted to be a pediatrician but ended up choosing to do nutrition as she realized the death of 16% of Ugandan children per year due to a lack of good feeding. She is currently working with Mamatenda foundation and pursuing nutrition at Kyambogo University and has dedicated her studies to the future wellbeing of the disadvantaged community.  

After acquiring her master’s degree in Nutrition, Joanita intends to open her own organization that will generally focus on sensitizing rural women on how to cook healthy, grow organic foods and commodities, and train rural people on the effect of junk food and lousy diet on their health.

Given that Joanita is an extroverted person, she enjoys listening to music and dancing and hanging around with her friends in her spare time.

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The areas Joana is looking for support in

Joanita considers she has been granted more than what she expected at InoGen. In the times she felt like giving up, she always has someone at InoGen to energize her. Further, she keeps realizing that she has a baseline that keeps her on track of her vision and objectives. 

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Where Joana would like to see herself after her studies

After her studies, Joanita sees herself as a very distinguished nutritionist focused on the wellbeing of the average Ugandan. After acquiring the needed resources and skills, she looks at gathering friends who are similarly interested in impacting the dietary health of her countrymates hence, as she opens a Non-profit organization in the nutritional Domaine.

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What Joana would like to get from Mentorship

Joanita believes she is already getting all the necessary things she needs from InoGen, especially from her mentor. Hence, she could not ask for more. Her only leftover wish is to personify Dorcus Nakachwa.

Partnership & Control

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Role Model

Joanita considers Dorcus as her role model and wishes to follow her path of excellence and selflessness.

Mentorship & Guidance

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My expertise

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