Building Female Leadership

The InoGen Leadership Program.

At InoGen, we recognize the unique talents and capabilities that women have as leaders. In the spirit of empowering the next generation of strong women, we have tailored all our programs to benefit the girl child. We have done this through enrolling girls onto the mentorship program which seeks to coach them through their career journeys. This is a program we hope to build the girls’ confidence as they prepare to face the world in their different career journeys. Additionally, we empower girls through setting up informational interviews with women leaders that are doing great in their fields of work. The goal of these meetings is to inspire girls under our mentorship program to have someone they look up to within the spaces they aspire to join once they graduate from University. It also builds their confidence and expands their networks in preparation for the future.

Our Goals

Technical skills

InoGen is also in the process of developing a comprehensive curriculum that seeks to equip young girls with technical skills like robotics and programming. This program comes in at a critical time when programming is the new way of solving problems.

Giving back

We dream of InoGen as an organization producing competent young ladies who will be at the forefront of solving problems within the organizations and communities they belong to.