Expanding STEM Knowledge

The STEM Education Program.

Despite contributing to about 5% of the Country’s GDP, the education sector in Uganda is constrained by many challenges. These include a high level of teacher and student absenteeism, weak school level management structures, inadequate learning materials, and large class sizes. A major issue is also the unavailability of teachers and a lack of accommodation for teachers in rural, hard-to-reach areas. There’s a mismatch between the skills obtained from the learning institutions and those required in the work environment. Inaccessibility to online learning platforms and technology, inequity in access to education as it is largely deemed for the elite class, an outdated and impractical curriculum amongst other pressing challenges in the Ugandan Education system. There is a dire need to revamp the curriculum content to make it updated, practical and relevant to global job market needs.

Our Goals

Provide Practical Learning

With programs like Robotics, Programming and Electronics through practical experiments, InoGen provides a holistic approach to tutoring female students. Through the practical exercises the students will build solar generators, quadcopters, circuits, energy saving stoves among others we are breaking the gender barriers and myths associated with STEM fields.

Increase STEM Certification

InoGen through the STEM mentorship program has provided knowledge to young girls in the effort to increase the number of female students enrolling for degrees, diplomas and certificates in STEM fields.